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The Vital Aging Network is pleased to welcome Mapping Your Retirement into its portfolio of products and programs. And, that only makes sense. After all, Mapping Your Retirement grew out of the work of Evolve (then Advocacy Leadership for Vital Aging) projects by Mark and Janet Skeie.

Retirement isn’t just a destination . . . after all, once you get there, where will you go?

Mapping Your Retirement helps you plan a retirement based on your values, interests, and resources. The guide provides information and worksheets on three critical elements of a meaningful retirement: Living Your Life, Maintaining Your Health, and Managing Your Money.

“One of the most balanced and practical tools I have seen. It has the potential to become a classic in its category.” [more]

—Amy Lindgren, St. Paul Pioneer Press




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“An indispensable planning tool to help navigate the second half of your life. This easy-to-use workbook will help ensure a happy, healthy, and wise retirement.”

—Jan Cullinane, author of The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life

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Mapping Your Retirement

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